Whole Health. Whole Food. Whole Life.

I can just remember a time when supermarkets were a fraction of the size they are today - you generally went to a local butcher for your meat, a green grocer for veges, a fish shop for locally caught fish and a delicatessen for the special extras like salami's, ham, cheeses, pickles, etc. Most of us had thriving vege gardens and fruit trees. We did have cakes but they were home made, and lollies, potato crisps, and the like were a treat not a dietary requirement. The days we missed school for illness in total could probably count on one hand - certainly less than two hands!

I am super excited to launch this website. I hope that this site will help you to bring simplicity and joy back into to your lives - that you will enjoy food that naturally tastes good and nourishes you. That food will nourish you, your family and friends in more ways than one as we build sustainable communities, enjoy our families and slow down! 

Everything we need to live our best life, and improve our health, is very simple - and, provided for free by life itself! I have summarised these on this site as "8 Essentials for Whole Health" . They form the basis of my health service. There will also be many tips and resources to eliminate chemicals from your daily life - looking after you and your family, but also the environment. As the site evolves, you will be able to answer many questions about eating and health. I will break down some of the controversies and dilemmas so that you can make truly informed choices.  

NurseJos Wellness

I am a registered nurse and certified health coach.

Working in both hospital settings and the community has totally opened my eyes to the need to have our food education and supplies improved.

We watch as our supermarkets grow larger and our people become sicker. Increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and preventable conditions - and children with increasing rates of asthma, eczema, skin infections and rotting teeth - the least we can do is to transform our pantries with good whole foods and vote with our dollar to create sustainable communities, and build better health and resilience.